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Located in Denver, Colorado, we offer acupuncture, health coaching, massage, cupping and other holistic wellness services right here in the Highlands. Our trained professionals will work with you to provide you a better quality of life. Let us be your source of Holistic Healthcare, promoting both healing and preventative medicine for your mind, body, and spirit.


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Acupuncture in Denver

This key component in ancient Chinese Medicine provides pain relief and treatment for a wide range of ailments. Acupuncture can also serve as a stress or anxiety relief, or to improve energy and flow. Many of our clients have found relief for back pain including sciatica, knees, joints and more. Learn more



Nutrition & Wellness

Together we will work to reach your health goals in areas such as reducing food cravings, achieving optimal weight, solving digestive issues, increasing sleep, reducing stress levels, and maximizing energy. We will guide and support you in discovering the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you. Learn More.


Cupping Therapy

Release tension in your muscles through Cupping therapy. This amazing fascial release reduces tension in the muscles, promotes blood flow and energy. This painless therapy is often compared to massage. Learn more.



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Health & Wellness Articles:

Stress and its effects on the body

Stress is your bodies way of responding to any kind of threat or demand. Modern life is full of deadlines, frustrations, high demands, and crazy schedules. For the majority of people, stress is so common that it has become a way of life. Not all of it is bad though….


How Can Moxibustion Therapy Help You?

Moxibustion is a therapy in which a common chinese herb known as Mugwort is used.  Their are many forms of “moxa” that can be used during treatment.  Moxa is always warmed, which brings out it’s many vibrant and healing properties.  When moxa is warmed, it burns with an infra-red light.  The…