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acupuncture cupping

What is cupping therapy?
Cupping is a therapy in which a glass jar is used on the surface of the skin applying pressure. This pressure allows a separation of muscle and fascia, giving an amazing fascial release. In doing so, it releases the tension in the muscles which is causing pain by promoting free flow of blood and energy. When their is pain, there is a stagnation of energy. The cupping works to remove this stagnation. It is painless, and even feels like sort of massage. The cups can be left on for a period of time, or slid across the bodies surface.

What does cupping do?
-relieves pain
-takes out toxins
-takes out stagnation of energy
-relieves tension
-promotes free flow of energy
-promotes good circulation

What does cupping treat?
-Back Pain/ Sciatica
-Neck Pain
-Tight IT bands
-Headaches/ Migraines
-Joint Pain
-Menstrual Pain
-Digestive Issues
-Shoulder Pain
-Hip Pain
-Knee Pain
-Ankle Pain
-Wrist Pain
-High Fever
-Sinus Congestion

In what cases should cupping not be used?
-Directly on Skin Ulcers
-Areas of Edema
-Abdominal or Sacral Regions of Pregnant Women

How often can I get cupping?
It depends on the case, but generally, cupping therapy can be given up to 3 times per week. In cases of severe stagnation or a detox treatment, cupping therapy may be recommended at a higher frequency.

How long does it take?
Cupping treatments are about 30 minutes.


“I received cupping along with acupuncture on my low back and IT bands for my sciatica pain and feel immediately better right when I get off the treatment table. I strongly recommend cupping therapy.”
Sharon L.

“When I would get treatments for my wrist pain, I noticed significant relief when getting cupping to loosen up the muscles on my arm.”
Jason G.