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Whether you are dealing with pain, anxiety, or stress, Acupuncture is the right treatment for you. The amount of issues that Acupuncture can treat is enormous. Millions of patients just like you find great relief when implementing Acupuncture into their health plan.

This type of Acupuncture session involves completing rejuvinating the skin of the face and neck.  The treatment plan works to promote new carotin growth, smoothening wrinkles, and giving your face a new & younger looking shine.

Cupping therapy can be used along side an acupuncture treatment or by itself.  It works amazing for treating pain, and colds and flus.  The cups work to seperate the muscle from the fascial layer and give a complete fascial release.  It increases circulation and the results are great every time.

Massage therapy is such a great way to help the bones and muslces feel relaxed.  If you are struggling with pain or tightness, or just need a stress relief, massage is great for you!

Our hollistic health and wellness coach, Amanda Jerman works with each client individualy to better their life.  This modern form of nutrition therapy will not only change the way you eat, but will help you change your lifestyle for the better.

I reccomend this amazing healing session to anyone and everyone.  Vibrational healing works with the energy of the chakras to balance your body physically and emotionally.  After these sessions, you will come out feeling the energy of your souls purpose.