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Located in the Highlands in Denver, Colorado, Healing Vibes Acupuncture & Wellness offers acupuncture for back pain, cupping, health coaching, holistic medicine, massage and more.

5 Reasons to Eat Garlic on a Daily Basis

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Information and helpful articles from Healing Vibes Acupuncture & Wellness. Located in the Highlands in Denver, Colorado, we offer acupuncture for back pain, cupping, health coaching, holistic medicine, massage and more.

5 Reasons to Eat Garlic on a Daily Basis

Healing Vibes

5 Reasons to Eat Garlic on a Daily Basis

Adding garlic to your diet can be a powerful medicine. Whether you are adding it to meals, or taking it as a supplement, it can be very beneficial to your health.

How to take garlic

I recommend taking 1 clove of garlic chopped up every day or a few times per week. It’s best to let the chopped garlic sit for 10-15 minutes before ingesting; that way the enzymes will start breaking it down to make it more beneficial. This can be taken followed by water. If you can stomach the raw garlic, it can be the most potent medicinally.

If you’d rather add garlic to meals, just make sure you are adding more garlic so that it is strong enough to have an action. Chopping up & letting sit for 10-15 minutes is also best before adding to foods.

I don’t always recommend taking garlic supplements- as they aren’t as fresh. The daily recommended dosage of garlic is 2-3 cloves per day when eating. Be aware that microwaving goods with garlic will deactivate the health benefits of it.


Eating garlic can help keep common colds & flus away, as well as treat them. Studies have shown that it can reduce the number of colds by 63%. Studies also showed that it can reduce the days you have a cold by over half. It may be a better option for some people than taking antibiotics. Antibiotics increase resistance over time, and can damage your digestive tract. Taking antibiotics when you have a common cold or flu can actually damage your immune system over all.

Garlic has the compound alliin, which is what helps with immunity. This compound is activated when crushed or chewed. It also contains high amounts of Vitamin C.

Fighting Inflammation

Compounds in garlic can rid the digestive system of inflammation, and also help with inflamed and painful joints (commonly seen in arthritis).


Garlic helps the liver and kidneys to detox. It has been used for this purpose for thousands of years.

Heart Health

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. It’s important to always eat foods that are beneficial to our cardiovascular system. Garlic can help reduce plaque, regulate blood pressure, and fight heart disease.

Brain Health

Garlic has been shown to improve memory, and even prevent Alzeihmer’s Disease. It supports healthy blood flow to the brain and help with overall brain function.