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Located in the Highlands in Denver, Colorado, Healing Vibes Acupuncture & Wellness offers acupuncture for back pain, cupping, health coaching, holistic medicine, massage and more.

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Information and helpful articles from Healing Vibes Acupuncture & Wellness. Located in the Highlands in Denver, Colorado, we offer acupuncture for back pain, cupping, health coaching, holistic medicine, massage and more.

Acupuncture for Menstrual Cycle

Healing Vibes

Acupuncture for menstrual cycle issues works great.  Chinese Medicine works absolute wonders for us females during our menstrual cycles. Many of us find ourselves dealing with pain, irregularity, or emotional imbalances that are related to our hormones. Instead of taking over the counter pain relievers, try out natural medicine! I strongly recommend herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion, and acupuncture for the menstrual cycle. It is a medicine that females can trust to bring that time of the month into balance.

5 Ways Acupuncture is good for the Menstrual Cycle

1)Acupuncture is a Natural Pain Killer

Whether you experience menstrual pain before, during, or after your cycle, it can be very frustrating. During an acupuncture treatment, the needles are placed on specific channels to promote the smooth flow of blood and qi through the uterus. These channels also flow through the lower abdomen which can be blocked when their is pain. The acupuncture needles and Chinese herbs can open up these channels.

2)Acupuncture Regulates the Cycle

I see many women that do not have a cycle every 28-30 days. Whether your cycle is longer, shorter, or completely unpredictable, Chinese Medicine can help bring it back to a normal 28-30 day cycle. When our menstrual cycles are on track, everything else in our body is more in balance.  Acupuncture for menstrual cycle issues can help regulate hormones.

3)Gives Emotional Balance during your Menstrual Cycle

There is nothing worse than feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed because of your hormones. These unwanted emotions that arise at different times of the month are many times related to the menstrual cycle.  Acupuncture for the menstrual cycle involves calming the mind, and relieving these negative emotions.  You don't have to deal with these emotions, it is treatable with Chinese medicine.

4)Proper Quantity

Some females experience an abnormal heavy or light flow.  Having the right amount of blood flow during your period is very important. Acupuncture can bring stability to your blood flow during your menstrual cycle.

5)Promotes Breast Health

This has a lot to do with breast tenderness that is felt during the cycle.  Pain or just a feeling of distention in the breasts can be treated with Chinese Medicine.