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Located in the Highlands in Denver, Colorado, Healing Vibes Acupuncture & Wellness offers acupuncture for back pain, cupping, health coaching, holistic medicine, massage and more.

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Information and helpful articles from Healing Vibes Acupuncture & Wellness. Located in the Highlands in Denver, Colorado, we offer acupuncture for back pain, cupping, health coaching, holistic medicine, massage and more.

Treating Sciatica with Acupuncture

Healing Vibes

Treating sciatica with Acupuncture has proven to show great results. As a pain specialist, I see many patients with sciatica and low back pain; and the benefits with Acupuncture are phenomenal.When there is pressure on the sciatic nerve, it causes radiating pain that goes down the leg and follows specific acupuncture channels. The sciatic nerve runs from the low back down the leg. Course of Treatment: During the initial consultation, we will establish details of your pain so that we can come up with the proper treatment plan. Everyone is different , and treatment plans depend on many things. The initial consultation is very important when treating sciatica with acupuncture. What does the treatment plan depend on? -How long you have had the pain -If their was a specific injury -The severity of pain; usually measured on a pain scale of 1-10 -How far down the leg the pain goes -How much back pain is involved -What Acupuncture channels the pain is in -Which specific types of pain is felt; these will usually fall under "stabbing", "cramping", "dull", "achy", "cold", "burning", etc.

The Course of Treatment of Sciatica with Acupuncture:

Just like mentioned above, the amount of Acupuncture treatments for sciatica and back pain will vary person to person. At the beginning of treatment, weekly Acupuncture sessions are recommended. Once the pain is under control and minimized, the time between Acupuncture visits can be longer; stretching out to every 2,3, and 4 weeks. Then, maintenance or tune-up Acupuncture visits are only recommended.

5 Things You Can Do Along with Acupuncture to Relieve Sciatica Pain -


Their are plenty of stretches that will help relieve sciatica and back pain. One of my favorites is best to do a few times per day. While lying flat on your back on the ground with your legs straight, raise 1 leg at a time and bring towards the floor crossing over your other leg. -


During the Acupuncture sessions, many different points are used on the body; mostly on the limbs. I will recommend a few of these points that I use to massage yourself at home. This is known as Acupressure.


This is another modality that works amazing for any types of pain. I almost always use this during the Acupuncture session because it boosts the results of the Acupuncture. These glass cups are used to relieve pain, increase blood and qi circulation, and remove toxins. Refer to the cupping section of my website for more in depth information on this modality.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine will be prescribed only in some cases when it is applicable to the patient. When it is applicable, it will help speed up the process of healing and continue to heal even when not in an Acupuncture session.

Proper Diet

Drinking enough water will help the process of healing as well. Staying hydrated helps nourish the tendons and muscles. I usually recommend to drink about half of your body weight in ounces per day. Make sure that the water is no colder than room temperature.