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Located in the Highlands in Denver, Colorado, Healing Vibes Acupuncture & Wellness offers acupuncture for back pain, cupping, health coaching, holistic medicine, massage and more.

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Information and helpful articles from Healing Vibes Acupuncture & Wellness. Located in the Highlands in Denver, Colorado, we offer acupuncture for back pain, cupping, health coaching, holistic medicine, massage and more.

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Acupuncture for Asthma

Healing Vibes

Aside from using Acupuncture for Asthma, I will also share other tips that will drastically help in the treatment of Asthma.  I have known so many people that are struggling with this nagging respiratory condition.  The truth is, there are options!  Trips to the ER and multiple doctors visits is scary.  Asthma can even be life threatening.  I am here to tell you there are multiple ways to help.  When the number of people with asthma continues to grow, there is something wrong with mainstream healthcare.  It saddens me that there are so many people suffering from this disorder. 5 Ways to Help Treat Asthma:

  • Acupuncture

When an asthma patient comes in for acupuncture, there are specific questions that I ask.  How long?  What brings on a flare?  Does the cough have phlegm, or is it dry?  The treatment involves expelling phlegm, or moistening the lungs.  It also involves strengthening the lungs and decreasing inflammation.  I also frequently use an herb called Moxibustion to strengthen immunity.  When warming this herb on certain points, it actually triples the white blood cell count (the main blood cell used for immunity).  Acupuncture works amazing at treating asthma symptoms for children, adults, and seniors.

  • Herbal Medicine

There are multiple formulas that I use when prescribing them for asthma.  Depending on the diagnosis, a certain formula is used.  They are powerful, natural herbs that can increase the lung capacity, strengthen immunity, and eliminate times of shortness of breath.  Some of the herbs used can help moisten the lungs to eliminate dry cough, or expel phlegm from the lungs.  They can be taken in pill, or powder form, and are completely safe for children.

  • Diet

Believe it or not, diet plays a major role in respiratory disorders.  For example, if a patient has a deep phlegmy cough related to asthma, it is aggravated by damp, greasy, or oily foods.  This includes dairy.  The digestion cannot properly metabolize this excess dampness, and stores it in the lungs.  Someone with a dry cough related to asthma can incorporate honey into their diet.  Honey can help combat the dryness.

  • Cupping Therapy

Cupping is used along with acupuncture for asthma.  The cups are used either on the chest, or on the back behind the lungs.  It helps to expel pathogens from the lungs, and increase immunity.

  • Essential Oils

I like to prescribe two main things here.  First, is oregano oil.  This is a powerful essential oil that can be taken in capsules 3 times per week to help with respiratory issues.  It is very strong in strengthening immunity.  I highly recommend to take this during cold and flu season.  Make sure that your source of oregano oil is combined with vegetable oil, and at least 70% carvacrol.  I usually use the Sprouts brand.  Secondly, sleeping with an oil diffuser filled with essential oils can really help.  The one I recommend is "Breathe" by Doterra.  It is a blend with lots of respiratory strengthening oils.  My patients wake up feeling much less shortness of breath.

Asthma is a very prominent and serious respiratory condition that affects so many people.  Along with using acupuncture for asthma, there are so many other complimentary therapies.  I am not recommending to quit Western Medical treatments all together.  But, with the help of natural medicine, you can eliminate or decrease the use of pharmaceuticals and doctors visits.  Please contact me if you are suffering from asthma, or know anyone who is and needs help.